His musical medium of choice is drums. His drums speak to the song in tight rhythm. His playing is described by the word 'precisionist'.

" I feel drums and music are my way to communicate. Several World cultures treat music as a part of life - a beat for marriage,
for death, for birth. It's a part of who we are. I admire this because it's a communion, a way of communicating, sharing and living in unison with one another."

When you work with Larry, clearly you find that he is motivated by the vision of the songwriters and other performers in regard to getting the best sound, the best effect and the best textures in the song, He truly lives his work.

Originally from Colorado's Rocky Mountains, Larry Ciancia's studio and performance credits show experience and the ability to handle a vast range of musical situations. Those credits include artists like Ben Taylor, Fiona Apple, Everlast, Ray LaMontagne, Carly Simon and Herbie Hancock (See discography for full listing).

Larry also runs the independent Record Label Iris Records (Carly Simon, Ben Taylor, David Saw, Fisher, Pedestrian) and manages several artists, producers and writers.

Larry is one of those guys who says it's easy for him to hold a conversation musically. With Larry, taste has to do with the equation.

"We all have music in us. I'm fortunate enough to be a player"

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Ray Lamontagne

david Letterman

April 13, 2005


Fiona Apple

MTV unplugged

November 18, 1997



No Doubt - Live

November 20, 2000


Carly Simon

Bryant Park 2000


Ben Taylor

January 10, 2010


Drum Setup


ROGERS (early 1960's Broken Glass sparkle) DRUMS:
A. 5"x14" Wood Snare
B. 10 "x12" Rack Tom
C. 11"x13" Rack Tom
D. 14"x16" Floor Tom
E. 16"x20" Bass Drum


a. 14" Constantinople Hi-Hats
b. 17" K Dark Medium-Thin Crash

c. 20 " K Dark Medium Ride
d. 17 " A Medium Crash
e. 21" A Ride with sizzles

•Vic Firth Sticks - 5A wood tip, wire brushes, mallets, and other toys...

•Remo heads (snare and toms - coated ambassadors(top) mix of coated and clear ambassadors(Bottom) powerstroke III (bass drum)
•DW hardware and pedals